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Who Am I?

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Some of my highlights

Who the Heck is Drew?

Hey, Drew Hollowell here and I love cars and I love drivin.’ . I grew up around cars—specifically Indy cars. My dad worked for Roger Penske, so I spent a good amount of time around the track. It was amazing and I was hooked.

I find cars to be pandemic, and their influence captures people the world over. Every day, men, women and children everywhere share life inside the cocoons of their automobiles. I find this to be a very wonderful thing. Drivin’ a car with someone forces you to spend time with somebody, and share some life together. In a world pushing us further from each other, cars always will bring us back together… and I love that.

Drew Fun Facts:

My first car was a 1987 Acura Legend. It was black on black and I absolutely loved it. It belonged to my grandfather before being passed to my older brother, and then eventually to me. The leather was cracked, the sunroof leaked, and the entire interior smelled like a box of Crayons. It was heaven.

The day I got my driver’s license, my mom let me take her car back to school to celebrate. And when I say car, I mean her ugly, cheerio-filled, child smelling minivan. Yeah, real cool. I drove this piece back to my high school, parked, and went to class. As I was impressing my “high school crush” with my newfound drivin’ independence and my offer to take her for a ride—over the loudspeaker came, “WOULD THE DRIVER OF THE GREEN MINIVAN WITH THE ‘BABY ON BOARD’ BUMPER STICKER PLEASE MOVE THEIR CAR FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S PARKING SPACE.” I reluctantly stood up, walked sheepishly out of the classroom and from that day on, my classmates referred to me as “Baby on Board” or Bob for short.

I crossed the country baby! Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California. 3,098 miles, drivin’ a 2003 Volkswagen Beetle.

I’ve had the good fortune to drive a lot of cars through the years. From classic to super luxury, and the one feature I can’t live without is cruise control. Call me old-fashioned, but it was a true game changer…and it keeps my toes happy.

A cutting-edge prototype…with all the bells and whistles…all of them…with a top speed of WOOOOOAAAAAAAAAH. That being said, moms would love my sensible, safety features and dads would appreciate my sophisticated, sense of style. Half the research team would love me, and the other half would be afraid to drive me. That kind of car.

My beautiful wife Ashleigh and our new daughter Lyla…who goes from 0 to crying in 60 seconds.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

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